2024–2029 Our five-year strategy

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Our mission

Empowering private renting

Enabling Scotland’s landlords and letting agents to provide the best rented homes.

To deliver the vision of a good home for everyone, the rights of landlords must be central to policy development in order to provide the best possible homes. By recognising the important role landlords play in meeting housing need, landlords will take pride in ensuring the homes they provide are well-managed, well-maintained and sustainable for the future.

All landlords and letting agents will recognise that they are providing homes and will understand and comply with all the regulation that is in place to support safe and secure homes and tenancies. SAL’s mission is to ensure that every landlord is able and willing to manage and maintain their properties well, with no exceptions. Whether this is by planned maintenance, energy efficiency measures, fostering good relationships with tenants, quick resolution of problems or any element of best practice, SAL members will be signed up to deliver this and to recognise their role in providing good homes.

We will deliver this with our partner/sister organisation, LAS.

Setting the standard for private rented homes.

LAS will ensure that all landlords and letting agents in the PRS are able to deliver excellence. Well-managed, well-maintained and sustainable homes are achieved through knowledge, training and development for landlords in best practice. We want all landlords to be accredited.

We have made huge progress in the delivery of our mission with a new tenancy and tribunal service, increasing standards and letting agent registration, but there is still much to do in ensuring enforcement of standards and eradicating bad practice.

We will work to ensure that our members and all landlords and letting agents aspire to excellence and have the means to deliver it through our support, advice, training and education.

Membership of SAL is the best money any landlord can spend. Thank you to all the SAL team for a further year of unfailing support and invaluable information; membership is worth every penny.

B McBride

SAL landlord member since 2009, East Kilbride

SAL is my go-to place for up-to-date information/legislation. It’s one of the best investments I have made. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

Carla Bankhead

SAL letting agent member

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