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LAS case studies

Setting the standard

Accreditation for landlords – updating your knowledge

Mark Hutton became accredited with LAS in 2008 and has attended a core standard training course annually, in line with his accreditation commitment. He has 11 properties in Dumfries and Galloway and was transferred across to LAS from the accreditation scheme previously in place, following the accreditation pilot schemes run with funding from the Scottish Government.

His tenants tend to be long term, and although he is not dealing with complex tenancy matters on a regular basis, he values being accredited and updating his knowledge regularly to enable him to reassure his tenants.

This year, Mr Hutton has been in touch with LAS on two occasions, once for information about tenancy deposits and then about notices to use for ending a short assured tenancy. He also has a SAL membership and contacts SAL if he needs more complex assistance but is happy to also have the reassurance of LAS, knowing he is operating as a responsible and informed landlord.

Accreditation for letting agents – ensuring best practice

Accreditation for letting agents has changed since the introduction of the mandatory registration of agents in 2018. The majority of LAS accredited agents have portfolios of 51 – 150 properties, typically with up to three members of staff, or new agencies looking to ensure that their practices are of the highest standards from the outset.

The owner of Pebble Mountain Properties was introduced to LAS through looking to become a qualified agent prior to setting up an agency in Aberdeen. He wanted to stand out by undertaking a qualification from a respected housing institute and commit to the highest level of property management through the core standards for accredited letting agents. He set up his agency in a difficult market because of poor service he had received from other agents in the area. He comes to every training session available to him in Aberdeen and is a great supporter of LAS while also being a letting agent member of SAL.

Tughan & Cochrane have been accredited with LAS since 2013, they had a portfolio of approximately 300 properties at that time and have increased this number through recommendation of their service to over 500 properties. They are a family business, set up after both husband and wife retired from their careers and work alongside both their sons and five other members of staff.

They became accredited to differentiate themselves from agents operating in the Inverness area whose reputations were poor and established a mixed portfolio which they manage at the highest level. They send their staff to all available training in Inverness and Elgin and already have seven of their team qualified through LETWELL. Their intention is that every member of staff in the agency or joining the agency will become qualified.

LAS also provides them with an annual in-house training course delivered by Elspeth Boyle, director of LAS and they are also letting agent members of SAL.

Couldn’t do without SAL and it’s great value for money

Andy White

1 For Homes, SAL letting agent member, Glasgow

Mandy and I did really enjoy the LETWELL Training  Elspeth and John have a brilliant delivery that keeps it interesting and fun, which leads to easier learning.   The written material and reading guides we were given were very useful and helped when completing the assignments.  The course was very good value for money.  I have been to other letting industry training but find LETWELL Training to be by far the best.  If more letting professionals take this course the industry standard in Scotland will be very high.

Elspeth Rae

Bruce Rae Property Management, SAL letting agent member

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