2024–2029 Our five-year strategy

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Sustain and grow

As a membership body we depend on the support of our community to help deliver our objectives and support members in running sustainable and profitable lettings businesses.

In order to achieve this outcome, we must sustain and grow membership from the entire rental sector.

Our focus will be on looking at emerging markets in the housing sector and how we can help them to be proud to deliver the best homes possible through information, campaigning and training.

Other income streams have to be explored to sustain a maturing organisation within an ever-changing housing sector.

We will achieve this growth through the development of measurable and achievable targets.

In an ever-changing climate of political and economic change, SAL puts our members at the centre of what we are about as we help them sustain and grow their lettings businesses in challenging times.

As an organisation we must ensure that we can continue to support our members by investing in our service and securing our future for the next 20 years.

The objectives below demonstrate how these priorities will be incorporated in our strategic planning. Performance indictors will be measured and monitored on a regular basis.


  • Increase membership to generate income to be a stronger voice in the industry
  • Invest in providing professional support to members

Research and education

  • Invest in research to identify opportunities in emerging markets
  • Continue to focus on market and industry intelligence to give credibility to our mission
  • Invest in and encourage members to be accredited with LAS and ensure they are well informed
  • Promote professionalism within the sector as we strive to provide the best rented homes


  • Explore additional opportunities to generate income to support a growing organisation and our campaigning work
  • Continue to drive efficiency throughout the organisation to best serve the needs of members
  • Explore new opportunities to best utilise the experience of SAL to generate additional income

As a new business, SAL has been instrumental in helping us in a number of ways – particularly the legal advice line for assisting us with our mandates and documentation.

Alex Thompson

Lawson & Thompson Ltd, SAL letting agent member

Thank you for the prompt, impartial and professional advice on handling the incident in our rental property

Liz & Martin Wilkinson

SAL landlord member, Aberdeenshire

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