Documents and factsheets


Pre-tenancy resources

Before you move a tenant into your property there are a number of things to consider to ensure you comply with legal requirements and the tenancy goes smoothly. This section includes resources covering:

  • Tenancy flowchart checklist
  • Landlord registration
  • Landlord data protection/GDPR resources
  • Application forms
  • Guarantors & tenant referencing
  • Inventories
  • Deposit protection
  • Utilities & council tax

Property condition and safety requirements

Properties in the private rented sector have to be maintained to a good standard of repair and adhere to a number of safety requirements to ensure the well-being of tenants. This section includes resources covering:

  • Property condition & repairs
  • Gas/electrical/legionnaires/fire/carbon monoxide safety requirements
  • EPCs & minimum energy efficiency standards
  • Local trades lists

Creating your tenancy

SAL has guidance and templates to enable members to set up a variety of different types of tenancy including:

  • Private residential tenancy agreement (PRT)
  • Company tenancy
  • Lodger agreement
  • Holiday let contract

Managing your tenancy

Once your tenants are in your property there are a number of things to consider to manage the tenancy effectively. This section includes resources covering:

  •  Dealing with changes of tenant
  • Accessing the property
  • Property inspections
  • Increasing the rent
  • Managing arrears
  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour

Ending your tenancy

There are very strict processes to follow to ensure the tenancy is ended correctly. This section includes:

  • End of tenancy procedures
  • Termination notices
  • Guidance on tribunal applications
  • Abandonment

Letting agent resources

Letting agents in Scotland must be registered with the Scottish Government and adhere to the Letting Agent Code of Practice. This section has resources for letting agents including:

  •  Guidance on letting agent registration
  • Templates and procedure documents to ensure compliance with the code of practice
  • Letting agent data protection/GDPR resources
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