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“No DSS” adverts

As we reported back in May, the UK Government’s Work & Pensions Committee are conducting an inquiry into letting adverts which potentially discriminate against would-be tenants on housing benefit. In light of this, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have...

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Can I retain keys for my tenanted property?

Most landlords like to retain a set of keys for tenanted properties to use in case of emergencies, to gain access for routine maintenance or to assist the tenant if they lose their keys. There is no legislation dictating whether or not landlords are allowed to retain...

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Received a subject access request?

Now that it is free for individuals to make a subject access request for the personal data a landlord or letting agent holds on them, we are getting more and more advice queries on how to deal with such requests. They usually come from disgruntled landlord clients or...

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Vital referencing check on prospective tenants

The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) publishes details of all the cases it deals with including actions to evict tenants and recover sums owed from tenants for rent arrears or damages. It is vital that landlords and letting agents check...

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Minimum EPC regulations published

The Scottish Government has published its long expected minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) draft regulations and guidance, along with a consultation seeking views on their content. Basic guidance on the forthcoming requirement can be read here. A more...

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Letting agent client account update

CLA members are still reporting to us that some banks are not able to offer them a client account as required for compliance with the Letting Agent Code of Practice. We are also aware that the Bank of Scotland has written to some agents to withdraw the client accounts...

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Amendments to deposit scheme legislation

The Scottish Government recently conducted a review of the operation of the tenancy deposit schemes and, following input from SAL and other stakeholders, has decided to make amendments to the deposit scheme legislation. The amendments of relevance to landlords are:...

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Improving universal credit

When universal credit has been fully rolled out to all new and existing benefit claimants (due to be the case by the end of 2023), it will be paid to over a quarter of households in the UK. It is therefore vital that it operates smoothly in order to protect the most...

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