SAL meeting with Minister for Housing

On 26 June SAL chief executive John Blackwood and policy manager Caroline Elgar met with the government’s Minister for Housing, Paul McLennan.

The Minister acknowledged that the government’s relationship with the private rented sector (PRS) is not positive following measures introduced while the SNP’s partnership with the Scottish Greens was in place, and stated that he wants a complete reset with the sector. He stated that he recognises the importance of the PRS and that landlords and investors need policy clarity and support.

He is reviewing the measures in the Housing Bill and considering amendments. Work on this is, he said, moving quickly and he hopes to be able to confirm any amendments to the Bill wording in the near future. He is particularly conscious of concerns from landlords and investors around the rent control provisions in the Bill.

SAL members can watch a recording of the recent SALTalks online event with John Blackwood and Paul McLennan, Minister for Housing, here on our SALTalks video library page. Please note that members do need to be logged onto the website to be able to watch the recording.

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