Scottish Government declares housing emergency

Yesterday the Scottish Government finally conceded that we have a housing emergency in Scotland – despite only a few months ago refusing to acknowledge the housing crisis.

John Blackwood, SAL chief executive, has commented:

“Is this a turning point for the Scottish Government to look at the damaging effect their policies are having on the private rented sector? We will just have to wait and see, as many will argue this is even more reason to continue with their plan to introduce rent controls.
“No doubt this issue will be kicked around parliament like a political football for the rest of this year – but SAL and others will continue to lobby government to find solutions to the emergency that suits landlords and tenants. None of us want to see skyrocketing rents that tenants might not be able to afford, but at the same time our letting businesses need to be viable. We need to encourage landlords to invest, not scare them off with policies and proposals which create so much uncertainty and risk that they decide to exit the sector.”

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