Compulsory owners’ associations

In March 2018, a Scottish Parliament working group was convened to explore what actions could be taken to improve the condition of Scotland’s tenements. The working group made a number of recommendations for changes in legislation and practice, including the introduction of compulsory owners’ associations, sinking funds and 5 yearly inspections. For further information on the working group and its recommendations see here.

The Scottish Law Commission was asked to make recommendations for law reform to implement the working group’s recommendation on owners’ associations and has now published a discussion paper which can be read here.

The discussion paper sets out provisional proposals for the introduction of owners’ associations. The paper seeks views on these proposals and asks a number of related questions. 

The Commission is very keen to hear from everyone with an interest in the issues raised in the discussion paper. The consultation is open for comment until 1 August 2024. 

The Commission has arranged two online webinars which will go over the most important aspects of the paper with a short opportunity for questions. The webinars will take place on: 

If you wish to attend either webinar please click the relevant link above to access the registration form. Registration is required to attend, but otherwise the webinars are free and open to all. Each webinar will cover substantially similar material, so there is no need to attend both.