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SAL meeting with Minister for Housing

On 26 June SAL chief executive John Blackwood and policy manager Caroline Elgar met with the government’s Minister for Housing, Paul McLennan. The Minister acknowledged that the government’s relationship with the private rented sector (PRS) is not positive following...

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Compulsory owners’ associations

In March 2018, a Scottish Parliament working group was convened to explore what actions could be taken to improve the condition of Scotland’s tenements. The working group made a number of recommendations for changes in legislation and practice, including the...

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Parliament seeks views on Housing Bill

As we reported recently the government has published a Housing Bill to progress plans originally set out in its New Deal for Tenants consultation in 2021. For a summary of the proposals set out in the Bill see our news article here. The Scottish Parliament has now...

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Further changes to model lease

Due to government errors with the updating of its model lease at the start of April, further changes have been made to the lease wording. All the changes made to the lease since 31 March are highlighted in yellow in the lease template which you can download here....

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End of rent cap and eviction moratorium

The rent cap and eviction moratorium came to an end on 31 March 2024. A summary of what this means for landlords is set out below: Rent cap – as of 1 April 2024 landlords can propose an increase of any amount for tenants on private residential tenancy (PRT)...

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New Housing Bill published

The government has today published a Housing Bill to progress plans originally set out in its New Deal for Tenants consultation in 2021. The Bill is proposed legislation which, if approved by MSPs, will become an Act of parliament. Typically it can take around 2-3...

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SAL in the media

It’s been a busy week so far for SAL chief executive John Blackwood, following press activity this week around the results of our member surveys which highlighted the number of rental properties being removed from the market . These member surveys were the landord...

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