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PI and CMP Insurance

Holding client money protection (CMP) and professional indemnity (PI) insurance are mandatory aspects of compliance with the Scottish Government Letting Agent Code of Practice

Scottish letting agents seeking a new quotation or to renew their existing PI and CMP insurances are invited to contact SAL recognised supplier Mint  for a quotation.

Mint offers:

– The only PI + CMP combined facility available in the market

– £300 for CMP inclusive of insurance premium tax

– Quick and easy pre-priced statement of fact

– No client account health check necessary

–  PI from £207 inclusive of insurance premium tax

– Start CMP and delay PI if necessary

– One renewal date combining both PI + CMP

– PI + CMP logo for your website – promotes good practice.

What do members say?
“The Scottish Letting Agent Code of Practice requires agents to have Professional Indemnity and Client Money Protection insurances. We are thrilled to have competed the exercise through the PI + CMP scheme for CLA members. The process was refreshingly quick and efficient, we also made welcome savings overall through the very competitively priced PI”.
Alison Tennant, Littlejohns Limited. Edinburgh member agent.

“We are delighted to have arranged highly competitive PI via the CLA PI + CMP scheme. The flexibility of the scheme allows you to arrange PI and CMP combined or PI only and CMP on a delayed basis until the new legislation comes in to force in January 2018. The setting up of the policy could not have been easier with completion of a simple digital form”
Derek Gibb & Partners Ltd, Edinburgh member agent.

“We have arranged our Professional Indemnity Insurance and Client Money Protection quickly, efficiently and competitively via the PI + CMP facility for CLA members”.
Willie Jamieson,  1 Stop Properties. Glasgow member agent.

“Via the PI + CMP scheme for CLA members, the PI savings we achieved  more than covered the cost of CMP. With the 1st October deadline looming and all the additional costs associated with registration we are delighted to be compliant and to have cut costs”.
Christopher Boisseau, Factotum, Edinburgh member agent.

Oliver Wharmby from Mint says:
“PI + CMP is a professional indemnity led scheme which allows the policy holder to take out PI in isolation or PI and CMP under one policy. Please note CMP is not available in isolation. We can structure the policy such that the CMP starts in advance of the PI and whereby the PI is delayed until the PI expiry date. We can equally reverse this formula whereby the PI starts in advance of the CMP”.

Please feel free to contact Oliver Wharmby at  Mint for more information and costs.

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