Rent increases now permitted

The Scottish Government’s rent freeze has now ended and been replaced with a rent cap. In most cases rent increases are restricted to 3%. However, if landlords have incurred increases in “prescribed property costs” including mortgage interest repayments in the last 6 months they can apply to the rent officer for an increase of 6%.

Guidance on how to apply to the rent officer for a 6% increase can be found here.

Guidance on how to do a 3% rent increase can be found here.

If your tenant is on an assured/short assured tenancy which has a rent increase clauses within the contract, rent increases are permitted to take place to whatever amount is permitted in the lease (if the rent increase clause in the lease has no formula for calculating the increase then the rent can be increased to the open market rental value). A template letter to use for a rent increase in this scenario can be found here.

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