Plans for holiday let regulation announced

Following a public consultation on the regulation of short term/holiday lets last year, that government has announced plans to regulate the sector.

The Housing Minister announced in parliament that the Scottish Government will:

  • Introduce licencing for short-term lets, under the Civil Government (Scotland) Act 1982, with a mandatory safety component which will apply to all short-term lets across Scotland. Local authorities will also be given the discretion to put in place further conditions; to help tackle littering or overcrowding of properties, for example.
  • Give local authorities the power to introduce short-term let control areas within which planning permission will always be required for the change of use of whole properties for short-term lets.
  • Undertake a review of the tax treatment of short-term lets, to ensure they make an appropriate contribution to the communities they operate in.

Regulations giving local authorities these new powers to licence short-term lets and introduce control areas will be in place by spring 2021.

Further details on the announcement can be read here.