Model PRT

The Scottish Government has not yet amended the model Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) contract to reflect the introduction of a rent increase cap. Members should keep an eye on SAL’s enews updates which is the forum we will use to share information on any future changes to the lease template.

As a reminder, we recommend that members use the government’s online tool to generate PRT agreements. This can be found at The online tool will also produce the easy read guidance notes adapted to reflect which of the discretionary terms the landlord/agent decides to use in the lease.

If you prefer not to use the online tool you can find the model PRT in Word and PDF formats at

SAL has a list of suggested additional terms which members might like to add into clause 37 of the lease, which can be found here.

The lease needs to be issued to the tenant along with the “Easy Read guidance notes” which can be found here.

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