LETWELL training and SAL membership is “invaluable”

Here at SAL, our landlord and letting agent members often contact us to let us know how useful they have found their membership. This week our team was very pleased to receive this feedback from Glasgow based Council of Letting Agents (CLA) member Cairn, pictured with LAS director Elspeth Boyle. Cairn told us this:

Cairn was founded in 1999 and the business has grown substantially to become a team of specialists in residential property development. Our growth has come from our ethos of going the extra mile, delivering more than just sales or purchase advice, and not only in services, but also in hiring and developing the right team. Personal connection is central to our philosophy; we want to build long-term relationships with our clients and tenants. That goes hand in hand with having experienced and knowledgeable property managers ready to advise our discerning clientele properly on a variety of property matters.

“This is where our SAL membership has really benefitted our business, specifically the resources and training we can access, including LETWELL letting agent training delivered by SAL sister organisation Landlord Accreditation Scotland (LAS). As SAL members we can access this training at a substantially discounted price.”

Cairn office manager Rachel explained:
“I am currently doing LETWELL with LAS and it’s been so beneficial to go back to basics. It trains you to run your agency in line with the letting agent code of practice. Every part of the code that agents should adhere to is explained by the trainers so you understand how you should implement each process within your day to day running of the business.

“I have come away with lots of information which we are implementing to ensure we are doing things by the book and in the best interests of the landlords and tenants. It has helped us to be more confident that we are doing things correctly and we are being transparent and upfront which in turns brings trust back to us.”

Property manager Julianne added:
“I have been a member of SAL since 2012 and they have been a significant part of my training and development.

“They regularly send out newsletters keeping letting agents up to date with legislation changes and any industry developments. Their website has pages of information and a useful toolbar for any questions you may have, which I have used frequently over the years.

“As a member of the sales team, I am one of the first members of staff a landlord will come into contact with. Therefore, it is imperative that my advice is up to date and if any changes are impending to ensure my landlords are making informed decisions with their properties.

“SAL’s staff and adviser Caroline in particular, are extremely helpful and are able to assist with any queries, even the obscure.”

With regards to LAS, Julianne outlined what this meant to her:

“The LETWELL programme and regular training sessions in-house with LAS’ Elspeth Boyle have been a valuable part of my personal development as a property manager.

“With eight years’ experience in the industry, I felt that I had good knowledge relating to all aspects of property management. However, the LETWELL programme forced me to rethink the way in which I work and why tasks we carry out day to day are so important.

“The course covers a wide range of topics relating to property management, from advertising a property to the legalities of data protection, consumer law and selling regulations. The latter is not knowledge which can necessarily be gained through work experience but a vital part of day to day running for each individual and as a company.

“Between successfully passing the course and training from Elspeth, whose wealth of knowledge is paramount, I have grown in confidence. I am able to advise clients and manage my portfolio to the best of my ability, knowing I have the full backing of LAS and SAL knowledge.”

Another member of the Cairn team, HMO property manager Heather also found LETWELL useful, saying:

“After doing LETWELL I feel more confident when speaking to landlords and tenants regarding the new legislation that is required.  The training they provide is invaluable and helps us improve.

“Knowledge is power and with the majority of the office having LETWELL and ARLA, I feel confident we are one of the most well-informed letting agents.”

Real business benefits
“Such a qualified team brings various benefits to Cairn. We are perceived as a highly-skilled team of property managers who are up to date with the latest developments in the market, and new legislations, able to deal with the basics to more complex legal issues like asset portfolios and fake leases. This lets us stay ahead of the competition and deliver a comprehensive service that makes our clients and tenants feel safe because they know they are dealing with a reputable company.

“We would recommend SAL membership to all estate and letting agents.”

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