Helpline quick quiz

Our advice team (Caroline, Jill, Gail and Karis) are busier than ever answering up to 100 queries per day from SAL members.

We love speaking to members, however a lot of the most frequently asked questions can be answered right here, through our online factsheets.

Here are the top ten questions we are asked with the answers. How many did you get right?

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1.    Can a landlord issue a rent increase notice just now?

2.    Can a landlord serve notice to end a tenancy just now?

3.    Can a landlord sell their property just now?

4.    How often does the Legionnaires’ risk assessment need to be carried out?

5.    How often does the portable appliance test (PAT) need to be carried out?

6.    The gas/electrical safety certificate has expired but the tenant isn’t cooperating with access. What can the landlord do?

7.    Notice has been served to end the tenancy but the tenant hasn’t moved out during the notice period. What is the landlord’s next step?

8.    A tenant has moved out owing money for rent arrears and damages which exceed the deposit. What can the landlord do to recover the debt?

9.    Do rental properties in Scotland need to meet a minimum EPC standard for energy efficiency?

10.    A tenant hasn’t paid the rent this month. What can the landlord do?