Eviction ban extension simply pushes a critical problem into the future

SAL was dismayed to hear yesterday’s announcement by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that her government intends to extend the country’s evictions ban by six months to the end of March 2021.

Chief executive, John Blackwood says that although many campaigning groups have welcomed the premature announcement by Sturgeon, the Scottish Parliament has yet to debate and agree this position.

John says: “Extending the emergency measures on evictions will only push a critical problem into the future when it needs to be tackled head-on now.

“What we need to focus on is how we can sustain tenancies during the crisis. Landlords should continue to be flexible and understanding and tenants should ensure that their landlord is kept informed about changes to allow for reasonable solutions to be found.

“In order to address the root of the problem, the government must provide support for tenants affected by the pandemic to pay their rent. Other administrations such as the Welsh Assembly Government are looking at imaginative ways to put money in to tenants’ pockets for rent and we believe the Scottish Government should follow suit as quickly as possible to prevent the collapse of a vital part of the housing sector.”

SAL continues to work on behalf of our members with politicians across the political spectrum as well as government policymakers. We will keep members informed as usual of this situation as it develops and is debated in parliament. Once again SAL will focus our efforts on fighting unfair legislation which we believe damages the overall housing sector.

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