Consultation on regulation of short-term/holiday lets

The Scottish Government announced earlier this year that it was going to introduce regulation of short-term/holiday lets. It has now launched a consultation to gather final views on proposed new legislation for the regulation of the sector.

The Scottish Government’s proposals include a mandatory licensing scheme to ensure that all short-term lets are safe and to address issues faced by neighbours. In order to obtain a licence the owner of the property would be required to ensure it meets the same safety and repairing standards as apply to long term lets in the private rented sector. The government plans to give local authorities discretion as to when they bring the provisions into force in their area. However, all local authorities must have a live licencing scheme open to receive licensing applications by 1 April 2022.

The proposals also give local authorities the power to introduce short-term let control areas within which planning permission will always be required for the change of use of properties for short-term lets.

The regulations, if passed by Parliament, would come into force by April 2021.  

In September, SAL members were sent information on how to take part in the consultation.

The consultation has now closed and responses are being analysed by the government. We will advise members of further updates on the progress of this legislation in due course.