With many tenants struggling with the cost of heating their home, the SAL advice line has seen a big increase in calls about condensation and mould in properties.

In many cases issuing guidance to tenants about how to tackle condensation will be sufficient to resolve the problem. SAL has a factsheet on damp and condensation which can be read here. The factsheet explains the difference between condensation and damp. It also contains guidance to help prevent condensation before it becomes a problem. The factsheet can be shared with tenants. North Lanarkshire Council also has a short video along with guidance on tackling condensation which can be found here.

Our detailed guidance for Scottish landlords and letting agents is restricted to members only.

Existing members please do log in to see further information on how you can help tenants still experiencing issues with condensation and mould in their property. Please do contact us if we can assist with advice for your own situation.

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