Citylets quarterly report

The latest Citylets Quarterly Report for Q1 2019 (1st January to 31st March) records moderate positive annual growth in the Scottish private rented sector at 1.7%.

Despite mixed signals, Edinburgh rents rose to a new all time high of £1115 per month on average but with a lengthening time to let (TTL) as more tenants shop around before committing.

Property to rent in Glasgow continued on its upward trajectory but, at 2.9% year on year (YOY), more in line with its long term average after sharp jumps in recent quarters.

Aberdeen recorded better annual growth in Q1 2019 than any quarter of 2018 at just minus 3.5% and a reducing TTL.

The Dundee rental market continued its upward trajectory from 2018 edging higher at 1% YOY with TTL continuing to fall.

West Lothian also saw positive annual growth at 3.5% to average £710 per month, equal to that for Aberdeen.

The full report findings can be viewed on Citylets website.