We Sell Tenanted Property

You don’t have to wait until a tenancy ends to sell your property.  Portolio has been the solution for lots of landlords who want to sell without moving the tenants out…and still get a fair sale price.

Why sell with a sitting tenant?

  • to receive continual rental income, right up to conclusion of sale.
  • to avoid extra costs.
  • to get started now.
  • to enjoy a no hassle sale.

Portolio is a NAEA qualified estate agent delivering a logical, efficient and financially viable solution for landlords.

Is this the right solution for you?

We know selling with a tenant in situ is not always the right choice. Why? Because sometimes the chance of a high sale price is worth the delay and extra work involved in ending the tenancy.

Our goal is to offer you a great solution and then help you make the right choice. We’re simply an option for you.

Our typical sale price is close to the surveyors property valuation. We aim for a fair price, not deal of the century for the buyer, and not way above value either.

No delays.

No hassle.

Sell tenanted property.

Please get in touch to hear more about how this works.

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