Landlord Broadband

The UK’s leading broadband & Wi-Fi specialists for landlords and property developers.

Landlord Broadband specialises in delivering fast, hassle-free broadband & Wi-Fi solutions for landlords and property organisations so they can include reliable internet access in their service offering.

This niche internet service provider offers a range of solutions for small properties through to large blocks and provides a guarantee for their installations. Download this brochure outlining what Landlord Broadband do.

96% of tenants state that poor Wi-Fi in a property is a huge frustration, because in this digital era, connectivity is key. Can you afford to get left behind?

Helps market property

Solutions for all budgets

Fast and reliable connections

Hassle-free management

Direct tenant support

No dead zone guarantee

Who Landlord Broadband Work With

Internet access is now seen as the 4th essential utility. Landlord Broadband typically support landlords to provide Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation to the following markets:

  • Student or professional HMOs
  • Build to rent developments
  • Multi-unit student developments
  • Serviced accommodation & Aparthotels
  • Supported, assisted and extra care social housing

Landlord Broadband have different care levels dependent on the type of installation. Details are available on the Landlord Broadband Installation Care Levels leaflet. In most cases Landlord Broadband look to install full fibre optic connectivity as part of the solution but are also specialists in other technologies including 4 & 5G.

Click here to read some of their case studies.

SAL Member Offers

Verified SAL members would be able to obtain a 5% discount off the following:

Connection fees for serviced apartment units (Care level 1)
A Mesh Wi-Fi Solution for smaller HMOs (Care level 2)
A Professional Wi-Fi Installation for larger HMOs (Care level 3)
A full networked Wi-Fi system for a multi-unit block (Care level 3)

The SAL membership number needs to be provided and verified by SAL.

Is your existing broadband performing as well as it could be across your portfolio?

Tel: 0333 577 0600

Website: Visit Landlord Broadband

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