Under One Roof private landlord webinar programme 2021-22

Are you a landlord of tenement flats  in Scotland?

Are you looking for information or support on issues including organising common repairs, or making repairs or improvements to the flat or building?

Under One Roof, with generous support from  SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust, is again hosting a series of webinars  in 2021-22 to give you interactive, free, and independent information you can use to address the issues faced by landlords and letting agents of tenements in Scotland.

Register for the one-hour sessions, where you’ll be able to ask experts about  general issues related to tenement buildings, and specific issues related to your flat.

The programme

Noise Reduction – Tuesday, August 24th, 6-7pm Link to registration page

Description:  Learn about the common sources of noise problems found in tenement blocks and which standards to follow when attempting to reduce noise. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to experts about issues you are facing involving noise reduction. 

Presenters:  John Gilbert, tenement maintenance and management expert; Mike Heffron, Chief Executive of Under One Roof Scotland

Ask the experts – Tuesday, August 31st, 6-7pm Link to registration page

Description:  This is an opportunity for landlords and letting agents to ask any questions they have about tenement maintenance, common repairs, working with other owners, etc – the floor is open for any and all questions you have for  Under One Roof’s experts.

Presenters:  John Gilbert and Annie Flint, tenement maintenance and management experts; Mike Heffron, Chief Executive of Under One Roof Scotland

Questions/further information

Contact info@underoneroof.scot for more information or for any questions you have about joining the webinars. 

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