Renting to those with children or on benefits – new proposed legislation

The UK Government is in the process of introducing new legislation, the Renters (Reform) Bill, which includes provisions to make it illegal for landlords and letting agents to apply a blanket ban on renting to people who receive benefits or families with children. Whilst the legislation is proposed to only apply in England and Wales, the Scottish Government is intending to propose an amendment to the draft legislation which will extend the provisions on renting to those with children or on benefits to Scotland.

This legislation will help to ensure that families are not discriminated against when looking for a home to rent. Landlords would still be able to refuse to rent to those with children or on benefits in some circumstances, like if the property would be overcrowded or the tenants’ income is insufficient to cover the rent (after accounting for other household expenditure).

We will keep members updated with the progress of this proposal.

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