Rent increase tapering calculator published

As we reported recently the government has confirmed the rent increase procedure which will apply (subject to parliamentary approval) when the rent cap legislation ends on 31 March 2024.

The Scottish Government has now introduced an online calculator to help landlords and tenants estimate how rent increases might be restricted if tenants challenge the figure the landlord proposes on a rent increase notice by referring it to the rent officer or tribunal. The calculator can be found here.

Many members have been contacting us to ask when an updated rent increase notice template will be available. The template needs to be changed in legislation and the new version is unlikely to be available until mid-late March. Keep an eye on our enews updates and we will let members know as soon as it is available.

As a reminder, any PRT rent increase notice issued on/before 31 March 2024 is affected by the current rent cap and the increase is therefore restricted to 3%. To increase by more than 3% the notice must be issued on/after 1 April 2024 for an increase to come into force in July 2024 at the earliest (the rent increase notice period on a PRT is 3 months).

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