Letting agent ongoing training requirement

All letting agents operating in Scotland should now have applied to the Scottish letting agent register. Agents will need to apply to renew their letting agent registration every three years. The three-year cycle starts from the point their first registration application is approved by the government.

At the point that a renewal application is made key individuals in the organisation must declare that they have undertaken 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) training in the last three years. 15 of these hours must be verifiable formal training while the remaining five hours can be informal training such as time spent reading SAL’s Landlord Focus magazine.

All SAL branch meetings will qualify for two hours of formal training for letting agents attending. The Scottish Letting Day conference qualifies for five hours of formal CPD training. LAS training courses also count towards the formal CPD training requirement – please check with LAS for details for the course you attend.

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