Glasgow HMO overprovisions proposals rejected

Glasgow City Council has, over the past year, been considering whether to develop a policy on HMO overprovision and whether to require applicants for HMO licences to provide evidence regarding the planning status of their properties. A public consultation was held last spring, details of which can be read here.

We are pleased to report that the licencing committee decided on 6 March this year that:

  • there was no legal basis on which to develop an overprovision policy;
  • it was not appropriate to require HMO applicants to provide evidence of the planning status of their properties.

Some changes have been made to HMO licence conditions regarding disposal of refuse and common repairs which can be read in section 8.1 of the council’s report.

SAL strongly opposed the proposals in its written consultation response and also in oral evidence given to the licensing committee in November 2018.

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