In conversation with John Blackwood, joined by Scottish Government housing policy officials (letting agents only) – 7 December 2023

Date and time

7 December 2023, 11:30am – 12:30pm


Online event

Share your views with the Scottish Government

Online meeting for letting agent members.

The Scottish Government wishes to hear from SAL letting agent members on the potential costs and financial impact to their businesses of a number of proposals for further reform for the private rented sector. These proposed reforms include a national system of rent control and new rights for tenants to request a pet and to personalise a home. Further information on some of the proposals being considered is available on the Scottish Government’s website here.

 To give members an opportunity to share their views on this, the Scottish Government’s housing policy officials will be in attendance at this ‘In conversation with John Blackwood’ online event.

This session will provide a valuable opportunity to give the Scottish Government feedback on your views on the financial implications and costs to your business, which will help to inform the development of the proposals being considered.


SAL branch meetings are  free of charge  to SAL members as part of our package of membership benefits.

Please note that ‘In conversation with’ and member online meetings may be recognised by the Scottish Government as “informal”  CPD. There is information about letting agent CPD in our  factsheet here. Should we be able to help further with any guidance on CPD, please ask us for an advice call back.

Bookings for this event have now been closed.  If you have an urgent request to book a place and attend this meeting, please call the SAL office on 0131 564 0100 to arrange this over the phone.

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