Total Homes Co-operative

Looking to get your properties ready for new tenants? Need a fast turn-around, value for money and the peace of mind to know left over goods aren’t ending up in landfill? Total Homes Co-operative is here to help you.

We support landlords and businesses like yours by cleaning properties and removing furniture, leftover waste and goods. Total Homes Co-operative already works with housing associations and landlords in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We work to a high standard with great feedback from our existing clients.

Unlike other cleaning and property clearance services, we aim to save 80% of what we collect from your property from going to landfill. We reuse, recycle and upcycle goods to make sure nothing is wasted. We also offer removal of kitchens and other fixtures without the need for costly skip hire. We take everything back to our warehouse and reuse what we can.

 “Queens Cross Housing Association is proud to work with Total Homes Co-operative. As a forward thinking housing association, we aim to stay ahead of the curve, and follow a green agenda. Total Homes helps us achieve this as well as demonstrating value for money. By supporting them and using their services, we’re becoming more sustainable and leading by example in our industry.”
-Jim Williams, Maintenance Manager:

The public, your tenants and wallet will thank you for using a Zero Waste Scotland funded social enterprise for your cleaning and clearing needs. Total Homes Co-operative will provide you with reports to let you know how much you’ve saved from landfill. We can support you with marketing to help you show the world that you’re doing your bit to save the planet.

As part of our “Let’s Aim Higher” campaign we’re offering an introductory offer on your first property clearance with us, for a limited time only. Call us on 0141 556 7085 or email today to cash in on this one off deal. Visit to find out more about what we do, and why we do it.

Tel: 0141 556 7085


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