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Scottish letting agents are required to comply with the letting agent code of practice and from 1 October must be on the register of letting agents. To assist with one of the requirements for registration, Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Ltd are delighted to offer CLA members Client Money Protection via our “PI + CMP” facility.

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PI + CMP is a professional indemnity led scheme which allows the policy holder to take out PI in isolation or PI and CMP under one policy. Please note CMP is not available in isolation. We can structure the policy such that the CMP starts in advance of the PI and whereby the PI is delayed until the PI expiry date. We can equally reverse this formula whereby the PI starts in advance of the CMP.

Many agents have been preparing to comply with the new legislation by taking out PI at their next renewal in readiness to extend cover to include CMP ahead of the deadline in January 2018.

What do members say?
“We are delighted to have arranged highly competitive PI via the CLA PI + CMP scheme. The flexibility of the scheme allows you to arrange PI and CMP combined or PI only and CMP on a delayed basis until the new legislation comes in to force in January 2018. The setting up of the policy could not have been easier with completion of a simple digital form” Derek Gibb & Partners Ltd, CLA member agent.

Please feel free to contact us and request a pre-priced statement of fact.

Contact : Oliver Wharmby
Tel:           020 3713 3860
Email :     pi.cmp@lonsdaleib.com
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Tel: 020 3713 3860

Email: pi.cmp@lonsdaleib.com

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