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Are you a HMO or Serviced Accommodation landlord that arranges the energy contracts and pays the bills for your properties?

If so, we can save you time and money…

The UK energy market is in crisis as wholesale prices reach new record highs (March 2022), and as Ofgem significantly increases the domestic price cap from 1st April 2022 (with another increase due in October 2022), it pays to explore all available options when securing your energy tariffs.

If you pay the energy bills on behalf of your tenants/guests, securing a commercial gas and/or electricity tariff via Full Power is one such option. The benefits of this include:

  • Expert advice and guidance to help you secure your supply contracts as wholesale prices fall – commercial tariffs are secured on a live market.
  • Access to niche suppliers that do not sell direct to the end user (ie. you).
  • Streamlined multi-site procurement and management – Full Power consolidate your property portfolio to reduce administration now and in the future.
  • Effortless addition of new sites and removal of sites offloaded.
  • On-going customer service, including bill query handling.
  • Smart meter installations.
  • Secure supply – the vast majority of failed energy suppliers are domestic suppliers.
  • No VAT penalty – tariffs still subject to the reduced rate of VAT (5%).
  • A free energy review and quote.

Full Power have been a leading voice in the commercial energy market since 1997. In this time, they have become industry experts and have forged strong working relationships with over 40 suppliers. As specialists in the property sector, Full Power is the preferred energy partner to ARMA and pin.  Full Power’s knowledge and industry experience have helped thousands of landlords of domestic properties (HMO/SA/R2R) and managing agents, manage their energy contracts.

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If you would like to remove the headache of dealing with your energy portfolio and get some helpful advice. Get in touch with Ross MacCallum today for a free review on your energy costs.

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