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In addition to a wide range of member benefits, SAL also arranges discounts and offers for our members on goods and services.

We would like to increase the supplier listings on the site. All net revenue is reinvested in the services we provide for our members. If you are a member who knows a good supplier that others might benefit from, or you are a company who would like to be listed here, please let us know by emailing and we will contact you with rates and information.

The Scottish Association of Landlords does not necessarily endorse any company listed here. We are not in a position to check the goods and services on offer from advertisers but we welcome your feedback on the companies listed.

Link PSL

Long-term leases and guaranteed rents, whether the property has tenants or not.

We’re looking for landlords in Edinburgh with one, two and three-bedroom apartments to join our Private Sector Leasing (PSL) scheme, which we administer on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council.

The City of Edinburgh Council leases properties from private landlords and these are sublet to people who are in housing need, under a Scottish Short Secure Tenancy (SSST).

We are the point of contact for landlords and we share the responsibility of renting. We also offer landlords great benefits and peace of mind.

Link’s PSL scheme can offer landlords:

  • Guaranteed rent – whether the property has tenants or not
  • A three, five or ten-year lease
  • No management fees
  • Regular tenancy visits
  • A professional property management service
  • A dedicated team, fully committed to delivering a quality service
  • A service which counteracts the risks that come with the introduction of the Scottish Private Residential Tenancy Agreement

We also repair any damage caused by tenants (except fair wear and tear) meaning you don’t have to.


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