Update on minimum EPC requirement

The Scottish Government decided in January 2021 to pause the laying of regulations to introduce a minimum EPC requirement for properties in the private rented sector (PRS). This was because of the ongoing pandemic, the impact it was having on the PRS and on the construction/building sector. It was intended that regulations would require rental properties to have an EPC rating of D by 2025 (and by 2022 if there was a change in tenant). For details of what was proposed please see SAL’s factsheet here. Members please remember to log in to download resources, and if you need any help to log in, contact the membership team on 0131 564 0100 or by email to info@scottishlandlords.com

Since January there have been some developments, namely:

  1. The launch of a Scottish Government consultation proposing the introduction of a new graph on the EPC report to show energy usage. It is widely believed that this new rating will be used for future standards, although the Scottish Government hasn’t yet confirmed this to be the case.
  2. The publication of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government which includes the following commitment:

“All home and building upgrades – at the point of sale, change of tenancy, and refurbishment – will be required to meet at least EPC C standards or equivalent from 2025 onwards. And all homes will need to be upgraded by 2033 to ensure we meet our climate targets. We will undertake consultation on this next year, to ensure a fair approach and avoid unintended consequences, and provide support through an upscaled grants and an advisory service.”

It is fair to say that as a result of these developments the future is a little uncertain and the government has been unable to provide us with any update. Regulations will be introduced but at this stage it is unclear when that will be, what the minimum standard will be and how that minimum standard will be measured. We will provide members with more information as soon as it is available.

As a member of the government’s working group set up in 2013 to develop proposals for regulating energy efficiency in private sector housing, SAL has been representing landlords from the outset. For more information on EPCs and improving your EPC rating please see SAL’s factsheet here.