Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill 2015

The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill has now completed the three stages of the parliamentary process.

The final wording has been agreed by Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) by a vote of 84 to 14. For further details on what SAL campaigned for and what the provisions of the new regime will be, click on the link below.

What SAL campaigned forPDF, 218.58 KB

The Scottish Government (non-political) civil servants draft all bills. The Scottish Government is usually tasked to undertake consultation with various interest groups such as SAL as was the case with this bill. Each bill goes through parliamentary scrutiny in stages and that is when the elected politicians, the Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) are able to propose and vote on “amendments”, which can significantly change the eventual Act that is passed.

After a bill has been passed in this way, it receives royal assent to become an Act of the Scottish Parliament to become law. The Act will commence in stages starting later this year. The new regime will therefore not come into force until late 2017 at the earliest.  Landlords and letting agents do not need to make any changes to their paperwork or procedures for the time being.

Thank you to all SAL and CLA members who took the time to respond to the government consultations on the new tenancy regime and who got involved in lobbying their MSPs as part of our call to action.